I've decided to write my thoughts down with a bit more details. I prefer doing it here on my own website rather than on one of the various social media sites. It seems more fitting and trackable. Here the content is mine. Supposedly on social sites they own it. Plus I want to stay away from the likes, +1, hearts, etc., that make social media often feel like a popularity contest. I would much rather have a meaningful conversation and dialogue, if that is even possible via the internet.
The posts here are my opinions, good or bad, and shouldn't be thought of as any type of truth except mine. Though my thought process changes and never ends and I might re-explore posts and dig deeper, maybe based on comments or other conversations I've had. Yes it will be about music but also about other things that are important to me: our society, the environment and our place in it, change, business, politics, and other things.
Maybe someone will stumble upon this page and read something of interest. Maybe not. But this is a good place to put down my thoughts and force me to keep at this diary style writing. Maybe my son and daughter will, in a few decades, find this, maybe publish it... or not. For sure if I don't write anything, it has zero chances of getting into anyone's hands. So here we go, you can read posts by clicking below or from the menu tab on the left.