Human Revolutions

About 10000 years ago: the agricultural revolution
About 150 years ago: the industrial revolution
About 20 years ago: the mobile revolution
In about 60 years, we will have the next human revolution. In 2080 or so, will start the interplanetary revolution.

Lets get back to the mobile revolution for a moment. Since it’s so recent and we are still in the middle of it, we may not see that as a revolution yet, just like the agricultural and industrial revolutions were. I say 20 years because I think it started with the popularization of the internet, which gave rise to the popularization of cell phones and then smart phones, which are really tiny computers and allow us, for better and for worse, to be connected to anyone and anything, anywhere.
The mobile revolution created entirely new industries and companies and wreaked havoc older ones who didn’t think to change. It is still to this day changing constantly and the way of life of the 20th century has been augmented. Everywhere we go, we can find out what’s around us. No need for paper maps, guides or dumb luck to find what we want. Paperwork has been dramatically reduced and digitized. Music, movies, books, pictures are all in 0s and 1s. You can have your whole family picture book in your phone to show anyone interested.
The way we communicate, advertise, shop, locate things, get our information, news, art, are still changing. Maybe soon we won’t go grocery shopping anymore? Maybe this will transform how we transport goods and thus reduce our use of fossil fuels? Maybe… things are changing, for better and for worse. That’s how human revolutions are, they disrupt what was for something more.

So what about this interplanetary revolution? In my mind, this is the next game changer in human history. I think that we will have people on Mars by the mid to late 2020’s, much earlier than we think. I’ve read predictions for the mid-2030’s but I think it will happen sooner. By 2050 we’ll probably have 500,000 to 1 million people on Mars. But the revolution will only really be under way by 2080 when the first mega ship will fly into the “unknown” with a crew of expert explorers; that will be a crew which will never come back to Earth or Mars and where each new generation will keep moving forward to new semi-habitable and hopefully, habitable worlds. That’s 60 years…. 60 years ago it was the 1960’s; look at how the world has changed. I think it’s conceivable that we will be pushing much further than Mars in another 60 years.
None of this is in the realm of fiction. The technology is there and will get better. The willingness needs to be there for sure, just like when reaching for the moon in the 60’s. It will dramatically disrupt how we think of ourselves, the differences, or rather the lack there of differences between humans, how we think of planet Earth and other planets/moons that we may reach, our idea of economy, education and life goals, etc. Completely new industries, businesses, way of thinking will be created in a short period of time. Just like it happened with the previous revolutions.

Now I can hear some saying we need to focus on planet Earth and all the issues we’re facing here, think first as well about our fellow humans that are still struggling on a daily basis, before we go searching for other planets to live on. I believe those things should be handled of course and I think it will be done in parallel. Our specie becoming interplanetary will change how we see Earth, in a good way. A lot of issues such as world hunger could already have been taken care of. Again it’s not in the realm of fiction; the willingness and attention is just not there. It wouldn’t even cost that much to provide the adequate food every year.
Same with our energy problems, the warming temperatures and rising sea levels, over population, ocean collapse, bovine population and a multitude of other issues that we are taking too long to take care of. I think we’ve already reached the tipping point in climate change. Doesn’t mean we can’t still change things and make Earth still a place where humans can stay. Going to Mars and beyond doesn’t mean abandoning Earth. On the contrary, I’m optimistic and think that it will actually help us focus our attention on our home and finally take definitive actions which won’t be stalled by politics and economies. That’s what revolutions do; it will make us think differently and realize that changing our mode of living here on Earth is not impossible. Why? Because we are able to live on Mars, aboard ships and maybe other planets. Once we realize that, any of the problems here on Earth will seem very easily fixed by just putting attention to them. Once again, the technology and the solutions already exist. It’s just that right now most of our leaders and the populations are thinking of problems that were taken care of 50 years ago. Our brains haven’t realized that we are now an entirely interconnected specie; never did this happen before the 1960’s physically and the 1990’s virtually. But it is so recent that most can’t process that yet.

So of course this is just the thoughts of a lay man. I’m not an astronomer, astrophysicists or even a physicists, engineer or rocket scientist. There is enough information out there for a non-expert to understand the possibilities so I can imagine what the expert are looking at. I’m just a human being thinking that our specie is about to change dramatically. And sooner than we think.

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