Women’s Day

Women’s day, March 8th of every year… why do we even have to have a women’s day? So we celebrate women for a day and keep celebrating men for the rest of the year? I find it ludicrous that in our day and age women have to fight to be “equal” to men. I think it’s aberrant that they ever had to!

Just a week ago I witnessed the birth of my son. I was in the delivery room with my wife for 10 hours and we’ve almost never lost site of each other since. But what I saw in that delivery room, made me realize that our men lead and patriarchal societies have no place on this Earth. There’s no adjective that I can use to say how ridiculous it is that women have had such a raw deal since the dawn of the human species. Even in our so called modern societies in the West, women still have to fight for their pay, for respect, for not being sexual objects, for decent human rights and so many more things. Why was it that women were considered not to be allowed to vote? What was the thought process there? Are they property? Why a girl has to go through more hoops than a boy for her education?

The one major difference to me between a man and a woman is the ability to give birth. At least it’s a very clear physical difference. Everything else is relatively the same. I’m not saying equal because a man is a man and a woman is a woman. There is no need to be equal but we should be respected all the same. During the delivery process, I was dumbfounded by what a woman goes through. It’s indescribable in pain, beauty, love and cheer self effacement. And without it, the human species would have long been instinct. Seeing the crown of the baby’s head popping out, I knew right away that no men could go through that. Having an actual human coming out of a mother… such an event should be glorified: the mother goddess, fertility, the continuation of a specie of apes that in comparison to their cousins were and are still pretty puny without their weapons.

I’m not a feminist and I don’t think that women are more “enter the adjective” than men just as men aren’t more than women. You have stupid men, you have stupid women. You have intelligent women and intelligent men. I also don’t think that a girl and a boy should be brought up without a sense of their sex; the difference is still there and shouldn’t be ignored. But that difference doesn’t make one above the other. Why did we ever think that? Why is that philosophy still prevalent around the World? Is it because brute force is king and so men are indeed usually the strongest? Is it that women are supposed to pay for the original sin that most religions adhere to and so they are automatically weak in spirit and evil? Is it that man is afraid of being dominated? Women can give life so they should be controlled?

Whatever it is, it’s wrong. And unfortunately almost all of our cultures are still propagating that women are lesser beings, if not in action, in the way they are treated as mothers, colleagues, sisters. The simple fact of what they can bring to the world (Life!) should allow them immense respect all the time and absolute compassion after birth. How do women take care of their child, their household, their work and often by themselves with very little time to recuperate, I have no idea! And that respect comes even for women who do not have or want children because they are beings. A baby boy is not of more importance to his parent than a baby girl. The only thing that allows that type of thinking is culture. Nature keeps everything equal. So when will we no longer need a women’s day?

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